Bericht von der Klassenfahrt nach Heldrungen

Den folgenden Bericht hat eine Schülerin der Klassenstufe 7 im Rahmen einer Übung im Englisch-Unterricht geschrieben.

My class, three teachers and me did a class trip to the water castle in Heldrungen in Germany. We were there for three days and it was so amazing! I am going to tell you something about one of the three days. We woke up in the morning and then we had breakfast. It was yummy. Then we have done activities about the Middle Ages, we haven eaten a Special lunch and a man showed us the whole Castle. Then we had free time, my friend and me rowed the boat. After that we ate dinner. We grilled meat and bread. Then we had the highlight. We have gone to the Disco! We have danced and we Sweat a lot. Then at 10 o’clock p.m. we went to bed (we were tired, too).

Emma Bräuer
Klasse 7 A